Gypsy Money Spell To Make More Money

The Gypsy spell is an old favorite for delivering more money into your life. This spell is relatively easy to perform, and is safe for even novice spell casters, but doesn’t require that you are consistent to see positive effects.

What you will need for the Gypsy Money Spellgypsy magic bowl

* A wishing bowl
* 3 Coins

How to perform the spell the Gypsy Money Spell

You will need to place the bowl in a place where you will be able to see it each day. When you pass the bowl in the morning, hold the three coins in your most dominant hand (i.e. right hand if you are right-handed). As you are doing this look at the bowl and repeat this Gypsy incantation:

“Trinka five, trinka five ancient spirits come alive, money grow and money thrive, spirits of the trinka five”

When you have completed this toss the coins in the bowl and carry on your day. You should repeat this for nine days consecutively, and then once a week until fortune is brought into your life.

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