A binding spell that works

Binding spells enable you to restrict another person’s negative behaviour. If someone is acting in an abusive or self destructive manner, either to themselves or others, then a binding spell is the ideal way to stop them. 

This is a powerful binding spell, so before you begin, be sure that you really want to take control of the other person’s behaviour. Exercising this type of power can lead you to a dark place, if your intentions aren’t positive.

For this binding spell to work you also need to be confident that it will deliver the result you want to achieve and you need to imbue the spell with real emotional energy. The power of the binding will be a direct reflection of that amount of energy that you project. If you have second thoughts about the binding as you are casting, then the spell will lose some or all of its power. Before you begin the spell casting make sure you are fully committed to the results you want to see.

You will be using a photograph for this binding spell. It is important that the photograph that you use is a clear image of the person. Do not use a group photo of the person you are trying to bind. Alternatively, if you have the artistic skills, then you can draw the image of the person. This will work as well but the drawing does need to be a realistic depiction of the person you want to bind.

When to cast the binding spell

The binding spell should be cast during the waning moon of the lunar cycle.

What you will need for the binding spell

  • Black thread
  • A photograph / drawing of the person

How to cast the binding spell

Step #1: Inscribe the behavior you want to bind

On the back of the photograph or drawing list the behavior you want to bind. This should be a detailed description of that behavior. Invest the act of writing this down with all of your emotional energy. 

Step #2: State your intention

Take the photograph or drawing of the person that you want to bind. Now take a few deep breaths in order to calm your mind. It is key that you are absolutely clear about your intentions before you begin to cast the spell. Now talk directly to the photograph and tell them to stop the behaviour that you want to bind. You should use as much energy as you want when you are talking to the photograph. If you are angry feel free to fully express this, using whatever language you like. 

Step #3: Fold and roll

Now fold the photograph or drawing once. You should fold this away from yourself. Once you have folded once, roll the photograph or drawing into a very tight cylinder. As you are doing this feel the energy of your emotion. 

Step #4: Tie the rolled photograph or drawing

Take your black thread and wrap it around the cylinder. You should make each wrap of the thread very tight. As you are doing this visualise the person having their behavior being binded. Really feel their inability to continue with their negative or abusive behavior.

Step #5: Bind the knot

Once the cylinder is completely covered in black thread you now begin to tie the binding knots. You are going to tie nine knots in total. As you tie each knot state the following incantation.

“By three and nine 

Your power I bind”

Step #6: Place in a safe place

Take your knotted cylinder and place it in a secure place. Usually a dark drawer or chest will work very well. It should be out of sight and somewhere it won’t be discovered or disturbed.

The binding spell is now cast. If you have fully invested the spell with emotion and intention, then you should soon notice a change in the person you have targeted behavior.