How to cast a love spell using perfume

A love spell is an intentional act aimed at influencing the emotions of a person in order to make them fall in love with you. Love spells are often used by people who are looking for a partner but are struggling with the world of dating. 

Why use perfume for your love spell?

There are many different types of love spells, but most of them use some form of fragrance. The fragrance may be from flowers, herbs, or oils. The scent is intended to trigger feelings of passion and lust within the person who smells it. 

Perfume is not just a fragrance. It is essence a love spell in disguise. In the past, people have always associated perfume with power and wealth. For example, Cleopatra would bathe in the most expensive perfumes of her time to show off her status and power. Perfume is a love spell in disguise because it’s ability to create an emotional connection between two people can be seen as magic. because it’s like a drug. It’s smell can trigger the release of hormones like dopamine, which is the neurotransmitter associated with feelings of love and attraction.

What you need for a perfume love spell 

A perfume love spell is a type of magic that will use perfume to create a sense of desire and lust in the one you love. Here is what you will need for your love spell:

  • Citrus oils
  • Rose essential oil
  • Ylang ylang essential oil
  • Patchouli essential oil 
  • Distilled water
  • Bowl or cup

How to make a perfume love spell 

There are many ways to make a love spell, but the most popular and easiest way is to create a perfume with essential oils that are associated with love. 

Step 1: Combine 7-10 drops of each essential oil in a bowl or cup

Step 2: Add distilled water to the mix.

Step 3: While stirring well repeat the following incantation three times:

“Breath of smoke from the fire of love

Your heart rushing with the fragrance of love

O my soul, open wide for me

As I breathe this spell into you”

Step 4: Continue to stir the essential oils while visualising the person that you want to attract.

Step 5: When finished apply a drop of the perfume to your skin or clothes each day.