How to cast a forgetfulness spell

Forgetfulness spells are a type of magic that is used to make someone forget something or to help them stop worrying about something. 

The forgetfulness spell detailed here is beginner friendly, as it is easy to cast and requires no additional items to cast. It is also a flexible spell that can be used to forget both people or specific events. 

The spell is cast by saying the words “Obliviate” and “Obliviate” aloud. “Obliviate” is a Latin word meaning to erase or forget completely.

A word of caution before casting a forgetfulness spell – make sure that you truly want to forget the person or event. When something first happens, such as a relationship breakup, we may want to forget it as quickly as possible. With time these painful memories may change in nature. Becoming instead memories that we want to remember and reflect upon. 

Once you have contemplated and decided you are committed to your purpose, then you are ready to cast a forgetfulness spell.

How to cast a forgetfulness spell

This article will guide you through the process of casting a forgetfulness spell. 

Step 1. Find a room that is quiet, preferably with no distractions. 

Step 2. Light a candle or incense in the room to clear your mind and focus your energy. 

Step 3. Get into a comfortable position, whether that be sitting or laying down, and close your eyes to relax and focus on the spell you want to cast. 

Step 4. Visualize what it is you want to forget as vividly as possible, then chant “Obliviate!” three times.

To finish casting the spell state “So mote it be”.