Get Your Ex Back Spell

Have you had a breakup and want to get your ex back? The following spell will allow you to literally “re-ignite” the emotions that the person once felt for you. This spell we only work if the person that you are casting on actually did have a genuine emotional connection with you. It won’t work on people that you may secretly adore but haven’t actually been in relationship with you.

What you will need for your Get Your Ex Back spell

* Several handfuls of laurel leaves
* A safe place to light a fire

How to cast the Get Your Ex Back spellFlame to get your ex back

Step #1: Safely start a small fire that will continue to burn for at least ten minutes.

Step #2: Gaze into the fire and visualize the face of your ex. Really try and see their face in the flames.

Step #3: Take the laurel leaves into your left hand. Then throw the leaves into the flames.

Step #4: As you are throwing the leaves into the flame repeat the following incantation.

“As these leaves burn in the flames
Make the face I see love me once again”

Step #5: Repeat the previous steps. Start by visualizing your ex in the flames and then cast another handful of laurel leaves into the flames while repeating the same incantation.

Step #6: Repeat this process once more so that you have done it three times in total.

The spell is now cast and your lost love should find there way back to you with their feelings rekindled. A word of warning – be careful about how you use this spell. Often there is very good reasons why we break up with someone. Even though the loss of affection can be painful in the long term it can be better to let someone go. Make sure that before you cast this spell that you truly want that person back. Letting someone go is often the best way to make space in your life for someone new. And that someone new might just be your perfect soul mate.

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