How to cast a willow wind spell

The Willow Wind Spell is a spell that will help you achieve your desires. Other than a willow tree and some water it does not require any additional items and is an easy spell to cast. 

The magical powers of willow trees

Wilow trees are mostly found in moist areas, thriving along streams and river banks, in marshes, woodlands, and on flood plains. Willows are some of the first plants to colonize disturbed ground  after fires or logging operations. Wiillow is well known as a symbol of death and rebirth because it sprouts anew after being cut down.

What you will need for a willow wind spell

  • A willow wind tree branch
  • Incense
  • A bucket, bath or basin or water

How to cast the willow wind spell

Step 1: First, you need to find a willow tree and then look for a branch that has the right length. 

Step 2: Cut off the willow wind branch and take it home with you. 

Step 3: Put the branch in water overnight so that it can soak up some of its properties. 

Step 4: The next day, light some incense and say “I call upon the power of the willow tree.” 

Step 5: Pick up your branch and hold it in front of you while thinking about what you want out of life or what you desire most. Say “I ask for this wish now.” 

Step 6: And then walk around your home three times with the branch in hand, visualizing what you want most in life as if it were happening right now. 

Step 7: Finally, put the branch back into water so that it can continue soaking up its properties for another few days before using again.