Gambling Success Spell

A Spell For Gambling Sucess

When it comes to gambling you want to make fortune is on your side. This spell makes an offering to Tyche, the ancient greek goddess of luck. Daughter of Aphrodite and Hermes, Greeks worshipped Tyche as she guided over the good fortune of their city states. Use this spell to tip the odds in your favour next time you play a game of cards or sit down at the roulette wheel.

What You Will Need For The Gambling Success Spell

  • An acorn
  • A handful of coins
  • Gold paint
  • A paintbrush

How To Cast The Gambling Success Spell

Step 1: Take the acorn and paint it slowly with the gold paint. As you do this visualise in your mind’s eye the success you wish to enjoy with your gambling. For example, you might see the roulette wheel dropping on the number that you have chosen. Try to see this as clearly as possible. Use a visualisation of the specific type of gambling you want to have success with.

Step 2: Once the painting has been completed take the acorn and head outside.

Step 3: Find a place where you can place the acorn under the soil. You don’t need to dig too deep but the acorn must be covered with soil.

Step 4: Once the acorn has been completely buried you should repeat the following:

“Tyche, goddess of fortune,
I ask of thee,
As I plant this offering,
Look good fortune grow within me.”

Step 5: When you are about to engage in your gambling you should place the handful of coins in your pocket. As you place these coins in your pocket, visualise once again your success in gambling.

Keep in mind that the offering we make to Tyche is humble. Expect small wins not a life changing fortune from casting this spell. But no that Tyche is watching over you as you cast your lot with fortune.

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