Magical Apple Love Spell To Make Someone Love You

A Magical Apple Spell To Make Someone Love You

Apples are a recurring theme in both religious texts and fairytales. This is no coincidence. Apples have a hidden power that you can tap into. Apples are particularly powerful in matters of love. Use this magical apple love spell to make someone fall in love with you.

What You Will Need For The Magical Apple Love Spell

  • A ripe red apple
  • A small piece of a paper
  • A small piece of red ribbon
  • A red pen or crayon
  • Rose quartz

How To Cast The Magical Apple Love Spell

Step 1. Cut the top of the apple in a smooth motion so as to not damage the apple too much.

Step 2. Remove the lid of the apple and then carefully take out the core of the apple with your knife.

Step 3. Write the initials of yourself and the person that you love with the red pen / crayon on the piece of paper.

Step 4. Roll the paper and tie it with the red ribbon.

Step 5. Place the paper inside of the core of the apple.

Step 6. As you do this picture the face of the person that you love and repeat the following.

“In this apples heart
I place the name of thee
Open your eyes my love
And come to me”

Step 7. Place the small piece of quartz in with the note.

Step 8. Place the apple on the windowsill so it is facing the sun.

Step 9. Once the apple starts to brown take it down and bury at the foot of a tree.

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