A Spell To Protect Luggage

A Spell To Protect Luggage

As every frequent traveller knows, losing your luggage can be a terrible ordeal. Being in a foreign city without access to your clothes and other essentials can ruin your holiday or work trip. Even if your luggage does arrive with you at your final destination, rough handling can damage the contents inside.

The spell to protect luggage seeks to avoid those problems by protecting your luggage enroute. This simple to cast spell is a sensible precaution for any traveller.

What You Will Need For The Spell To Protect Luggage

  • Purple ribbon
  • Sprig of rosemary

How To Cast The Spell To Protect Luggage

Step 1: Take the sprig of rosemary and place inside of your luggage.

Step 2: Look at the contents of your luggage and in your mind’s eye see them safely arrive at their intended destination.

Step 3: Take the purple ribbon and wrap it around the handle of your luggage. Then repeat the following:

“With this ribbon I tie
Protect my goods inside
Let this bag arrive with me
In place near and over the sea”

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