Coltsfoot Abundance Spell To Attract Wealth

Across culture corn and grains have been viewed as signs of abundance and wealth. In fact, many people treated these foods as gifts from the gods. This spell taps into this ancient wisdom to help you attract more money into your life. When cast this spell will help bring abundance into your life for the year ahead. This is a relatively simple spell to perform which uses common food items that you can purchase from the grocery.

What You Will Need For The Coltsfoot Abundance Spell

* Green string
* The ear of a husk of cornColtsfoot Abundance Spell
* A small piece of parchment (paper)
* Coltsfoot leaves
* A dollar bill

How to case the Coltsfoot Abundance Spell

Step #1: First take the note of parchment and write on it the following message. This is best performed with ink if you have it available:

“Gods of abundance this note I ask you to heed,
Bring to the place (your address) the wealth I need,
I give thanks for these gifts from you,
And will share my wealth with others too”

Step #2: Take the dollar bill and place it on the piece of parchment.

Step #3: Now take the Coltsfoot leaves and sprinkle them over both the parchment and the dollar bill.

Step #4: Wrap the dollar bill and the parchment around the ear of the husk of corn.

Step #5: Take the green piece of string and tie up the note, parchment and dollar bill. Be careful as you do this that you don’t lose the Coltsfoot leaves.

Step #6: Use the remainder of the green string tie this token above the main entry to the house.

The token above your doorway will bless your home with good fortune and abundance for the year ahead. When you walk through the door way visualize good fortune for both you and the people that are in your house. All give thanks for the good fortune that you already enjoy.

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