How to cast an energy spell

An energy spell is a type of magic that is used to cast a spell on someone or something. The energy spell can be used for many different purposes such as healing, protection, and love. An energy spell is cast by focusing one’s own personal energy onto the person or object that needs attention. It can be done through meditation, chanting, and other methods that allow you to focus your energies.

What you need for an energy spell

  • One brown candle and holders
  • A lighter 
  • An altar or small table

How to cast an energy spell

Step #1: Place the candle in its holder and place it on the altar. Light the candle.

Step #2: Visualise the person or object that you are casting the spell on.

Step #3: Focus your attention on the light of the candle and place your hands together with your palms out. Now visualise the energy that is emanating from the flame this candle is collecting as a ball of light in the palms of your hands.

Step #4: Focus this ball of energy and light and visualize it traveling to the person or object you are casting the spell on.

Step #5: Now repeat the following incantation:

I call upon the elements to help me,to make this my intent.I gather all of my energy and send it forth to you,to heal and protect from any harm.Send forth your healing light, strength and power, on this I ask!

Step #6: Release your energy into the universe.