Self Confidence Spell For Social Interactions

Most of us know what it’s like to feel nervous in social interactions. The stumbling of words, the fear of saying the wrong thing or even trouble with making eye contact. Lacking self confidence in social interactions can really hold us back from realizing our true potential both on a personal and professional level. The following spell will help you to overcome the limitations that a lack of self confidence in social interactions can cause. The spell uses the power of charm bags to imbue you with the confidence that can make you a success in social situations. The spell requires a little preparation so make sure that you allow yourself sufficient time before the social engagement you will be attending.

What you need for the Self Confidence spellNutmeg Confidence Spell

* Nutmeg
* Pine needles
* Lavender
* Mandrake root
* A small drawstring bag

How to cast the Self Confidence spell

For this spell you will be preparing a charm bag that you will be able to carry with your during social situations. To prepare the bag take a small amount of each of the nutmeg. dried lavender, mandrake root and bag and close it together.

You will then need to cast an incantation over the bag in order to imbue it with power. This should be done when both you and the bag are in direct sight of the moon. Hold up the bag (with ingredients) to the moon and repeat:

“With this bag that I shall wear
When I’m with others I will not fear”

Repeat this incantation three times to cast the spell.

When you are in social situations you should wear the bag so that it is in direct contact with your skin. For best results wear the bag around your neck so that it is close to your heart.

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