Norse Money Spell To Get More Money

The ancient Vikings were both traders & raiders but above all great accumulators of wealth. They would also tap into the powerful well of magic in order to increase their stocks of gold and silver. In this ancient Norse spell you will learn how to use the same magic to get more money.

What You Will Need For The Norse Money Spell

  • A twig
  • Ink or paint

How To Cast The Norse Money Spell

Step #1: On the twig you need to mark three Fe Runes

Step #2 Next color the twig use the paint or ink.

Step #3: Hold the twig in your hand. As you do this imagine the hidden energies of your life force pushing there way into the twig.

Step #4: Repeat the following incantation while holding the twig:

“Frigga and Freya, Freen and Frick;

Bring to me gold and send it quick”

Carry the twig around with you either in your pocket or around your neck with a necklace until good fortune is brought into your life.

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