How to cast a peace spell

Peace spells are designed to relieve worries and bring calm into people’s lives. A peace spell will typically be used on the spell caster because they are feeling very anxious and stressed out. They want the peace spell to calm their nerves and make them feel more at ease with themselves again. A peace spell may also be cast on someone else, who the spell caster feels or knows, is suffering from anxeity or stress.

Identifying the goal of your peace spell

The root of your problem or the goal of your peace spell is something that you need to identify before you can cast it. This is because spells require that you be specific about what you want in order to get it. For example, if you want to get rid of a curse or remove some hex, you need to identify that something was placed on you in order for a spell to work.

The intent is the goal of your spell. It can be as simple as “I want more money” or “I want my ex-boyfriend back.” Your intent may also be broader like “I want peace of mind because I’m stressed out all the time.”

Visualisation and intention in casting a peace spell

In order to cast a peace spell, you need to focus on your intention, and visualize what you would like to happen. The act of visualization is meant to help the manifestation of intent; it is not the actual casting of the spell. If a person doesn’t visualize or think about their intention with sufficient focus, the spell will not work.

What you need for a peace spell 

  • A light blue candle(s)
  • Sandlewood incense
  • Black sandalwood powder 

How to cast a peace spell 

Step 1: Light the candle and incense 

Step 2: Sprinkle the black sandalwood into the flame of the candle and allow it to burn off.

Step 3: Blow out the candle, allowing your magic smoke to rise and travel around you in a circle three times. 

Step 4: Say three times:

“This night I am at peace with myself. May I be at peace with all my relationships, in body and soul, as long as this candle burns.”

Step 5: Allow your concentration to focus on what peace means for you. and release your magic smoke back into the universe.

The peace spell is now cast.