How to cast a white magic money spell

A white magic money spell is a spell that is cast to bring wealth and abundance. It is also referred to as a money spell. The white magic money spell was created by white witches in order to help people who have been experiencing financial difficulties. 

What you need for the white magic money spell

  • One white candle
  • One bowl
  • Sea salt
  • A source of natural water 

How to cast the white magic money spell

Step 1: Go outside and find a natural source of water from a stream, river, or body of water. Pour the contents of the bowl to the ground three times to help purify it. Once purified bring the bowl back inside with you.

Step 2: Call in your spirit guides and ask them to help you cast the spell. 

Step 3: Ask for peace, protection, and financial success. Place the candle at the center of your altar and light it up.

Step 4: Visualize your goals for money coming into your life with ease and abundance. Visualize all of the money you will receive flooding into your life as if it were overflowing from an endless well of money.

Step 5: Place the sea salt in the bowl that has been purified.

Step 6: Now take your bowl with sea salt and sprinkle the salt over your doors and windows while reciting this money chant.

Da-da-da-dum, Da-da-da-dum, Money! Money! Money coming in to you!

The white magic money spell has now been cast.