Guide to casting a body spell

A body spell is a spell that is cast on the target’s body to change or alter it in some way. This can be done by changing their hair and eye color, or making them appear taller or shorter. It can be cast on another person or yourself. In this guide, I will teach you how to cast a body spell in order to lose weight and get into shape. This is an unconventional way of doing it, but it works wonders!

How to cast a body spell

Step 1: First, clear your mind and take a deep breath in

Step 2:Next, hold your hands above the stomach area of your body and say “I am light. I am free.” Make sure you are looking at the stomach area of your body when you say this. Visualise a golden ring of energy emanating around your stomach.

Step 3: Next, repeat this mantra “I am light. I am free.”

Step 4: Gather your energy and into your stomach and say the following phrase “I grant myself this opportunity to be light and free.” 

Step 5: Now, visualize a golden cord coming out of your head that goes down to the earth below you. It is tied to an apple tree (or any other fruit tree you want) in order to represent abundance and vitality. Visualize it getting stronger as it goes down towards the earth and coming back up the other side of your body.

Step 7: Now, feel yourself turning into light as you breath in light from the apple tree.

Remain still in this state of lightness for at least one minute and the spell is cast.