The complete guide to Hoodoo love spells

Hoodoo is an African-American folk magic that originated in the Southern United States. It is based on the use of spells and charms to cause the desired effect. Hoodoo love spells are used to attract or maintain a romantic relationship.

The history of Hoodoo

Hoodoo has a long and varied history. Beginning as folk magic passed down through African-American oral tradition, the craft morphed into its modern form with the influence of European practitioners who fled to the US from Haiti after the Haitian slave revolution.

The word “hoodoo” is derived from a West African term for witchcraft, but it could also refer to bad luck. Hoodoo has always been a contested term that has been used to define a variety of practices and beliefs that have historically been mixed in with African-American spiritual traditions.

Hoodoo is often linked to the idea of “rootwork,” which refers to the practice of healing with, and around, plant material such as roots, leaves, bark, or flowers. Hoodoo practitioners often use herbalism and sometimes other folk healing methods as part of their rootwork practices. Hoodoo practitioners sometimes invoke spirits who work with them in healing and other practices.

While the use of spirits is often seen as a part of “rootwork,” but it is not the only way in which practitioners may work with spirit beings. Practitioners may also engage in divination, meditation, prayer, and spiritual cleansing to interact with spirit beings.

What you will need for the Hoodoo love spell

  • Water or red wine
  • Sage leaves and incense
  • Small vial

How to cast a Hoodoo love spell 

This Hoodoo love spell is meant to be cast with the participation of your romantic interest. By casting this spell you can form a magical love bond between the two of you.

Step 1: Pour wine or water into a small vial and place it in your pocket.

Step 2: Light sage leaves and incense and use them to cast the spell- make sure they are burning down before moving on to the next step

Step 3: Take the hands of the other person

Step 4: Say the following aloud- “I bind you (Name) to me, with all that I am, and all that I have, from this day forward.”

Step 5: Look each other in the eyes and say “Love is forever” moving your hands up to their heart.

Step 6: Take their hands again then say “May we be bound together till death do us part.”

Step 7: Now it’s time for a blessing spell- make sure the incense and herbs are still burning. Take the wine or water vial in your pocket, pour a little bit of it onto the ground (or dip your fingers into it and then sprinkle a little onto the ground if you’re confident enough) say “In my name, I bless this place.”

Step 8: Take their hands again and repeat “Love is forever” while placing their hand on your chest, then kiss to cast the spell.