A simple love spell that works

Looking for a simple love spell that works? Then this is the spell for you. This is the love spell to cast when you want to keep your spell casting simple.

This spell doesn’t require any advanced abilities with magic and requires no additional items. This simple love spell is cast using the most powerful magickal tool at your disposal – your mind. 

Despite its simplicity it doesn’t mean it is any less powerful. If you can fully master your “minds eye” you will find that you are able to cast spells like these when you want. Being able to use this type of minimalist spell casting, can event help to magnify the power of more complex spells that you may wish to cast. 

Step #1: Cast the circle

Before we begin the spell you will want to cast a magic circle. As with the rest of this love spell we will keep casting the circle as simple as possible. This doesn’t mean that the circle will offer you any less protection. Your intention and energy are what will allow you to cast the circle for this spell. 

You will be using your “mind’s eye” to cast this spell. To start, focus all of your attention on your body. Feel as energy manifests itself within you. Then using visualisation see this energy become transmuted into a blue force creating an aura around your hands. 

Now picture that energy project down to a tight blue circle surrounding your feet. In your mind really feel the vibrational power of that energy. Now slowly see that circle of blue energy slowly expand. Push the circle out until it is encompassing the area you will be casting the love spell within. You have now cast the circle.

Step #2: Build the picture

Kneel or sit on the floor, depending on which is the most comfortable to you. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. It is important before starting to build the picture that you feel fully relaxed and in control. 

Start by creating a picture in your mind of the person that you love. Make sure when you visualise that person that you see them as happy and content. Now you need to bring yourself into the picture. See two of you together, in love, and enjoying a date together. Really feel the emotion of what it is like for the two of you two to be together and happy.

Step #3: State the incantation

Now that you have built the picture of your future together, it is time to state your incantation to bind you together. Say the following three times:

“Happy together

The future I see

Our love is joined

So shall it be”

Now project all of the love you feel for this person into the universe. The spell is now cast and it is time to open the circle.

Step #4: Open the circle

You open the circle by performing the same visualisation as you did to close it. Stand up and see the circle of blue energy which surrounds the area where you cast the spell. Visualise the blue energy circle slowly contracting in size. Eventually it will contract to the point where it is at your feet. Now in your mind’s eye see the blue energy retract back upwards towards your hands and up into your body. The circle is now open.