How to cast a friendship spell

It’s not always easy to make friends, but it’s even harder to find true friends that will always be there for you. Casting a successful spell can help you find and maintain these relationships with people who will love and support you in your life.

There are many different types of spells that can be cast for different purposes, but the most popular one is the Friendship Spell. This type of spell brings good luck in friendships and promotes happiness, joy, and well-being in your life. 

Friendship spells like are usually used when the person wants to be friends with someone else but the other person is hesitant about their friend request. The spell is also cast if you want a new best friend or want to make up with an old friend that you had a fight with. Sometimes the spellcaster will cast the spell on themselves so they can meet new people and make friends more easily.

What Your Intentions Should Be When Casting A Friendship Spell

When casting a friendship spell, it is important to have the intention of wanting to create a space of love and support. You want to be able to see your friend grow and experience joy. This section will provide you with the best intentions for casting a spell. They will help you create the right intention for your desired outcome. 

Before you cast your friendship spell use one of the following affirmations:

I create the space for my friend to be able to experience joy. 

I am creating a space for my friend to be loved and supported. 

I want them to feel safe and accepted in this space.

I create a supportive environment where my friend can grow and share their story with me.

Tips on Casting a Successful Friendship Spell

There are some tips on casting this successful friendship spell that we should follow so that it can work better for us when we cast it:

We should not cast this spell because we’re lonely or if we want someone to like us back. This type of spell is for people that are content with their relationships and want to add a little bit more happiness, joy, or well-being to their lives.

We should not use this spell to get someone to like us back if they aren’t already. This type of spell works best when we’re friends with the person that we’re trying to get closer to.

We should not cast this spell on someone that we don’t actually like. It will only work when we have a deep connection with the person that we’re trying to get closer to

Which candle to use for a friendship spell?

A candle spell is one of the simplest and most powerful spells to use for friendship. It’s a popular choice for spells because candles are easy to find and contain ingredients that are easily accessible. For this spell, we will be using an orange candle because this is associated with protection and fortune.

Charging your candle for the friendship spell

You can charge a candle for a spell by setting it in the center of your altar or working space. You’ll want to place the candle on top of something that won’t burn easily, such as a metal dish. 

You will also want to place something on top of the candle, such as salt or sand, before you light it. This will help to ground the candle and protect it from being blown out prematurely. When charging a candle for a spell, visualize your intention before lighting it. You can charge a candle with your intent by lighting it and setting it into the center of your altar or work space.

What you will need for the friendship spell

  • A pink ribbon 
  • A pen 
  • A piece of paper (white or pink) 
  • An orange candle for protection and luck 

How to cast the friendship spell

Step 1: On the piece of paper, write down the name of someone you would like to be friends with. 

Step 2: Say their name out loud 3 times while visualizing your friendship with them.

Step 3: Fold the piece of paper three times. 

Step 4: Wrap the piece of paper in the pink ribbon.

Step 5: Light the orange candle and say their name out loud 3 times more again visualizing your friendship with them.

Step 6: Drop wax from the orange candle on the paper and allow it to set.

Step 7: Put the piece of paper with your intentions in a place where you will see it often, such as on your desk or bedside table.

Finally to complete the spell casting state “So mote it be”.