How to cast a fortune spell

Fortune Spells are spells that are used to increase the likelihood of success in a given situation. They can be used for anything from business to love and relationships. Fortune spells can also be seen as a form of protection magic. The intention is not just to bring good fortune, but also to provide protection against negative energies and forces that could work against you.

What you need for your fortune spell

  • A clear container
  • Water
  • A coin

How to cast a fortune spell 

Step #1: Find a time of the day when you are feeling spiritually open and able to reach a state of deep meditation.

Step #2: Meditate on the subject of your situation, releasing any negative thoughts that may be blocking your good fortune.

Step #3: Fill the container with water and place it in front of you. Take a moment to ground yourself by visualizing the earth below you and its connection with the universe above.

Step #4: Gather your focus and then drop the coin into the liquid.

Step #5: Now focus all of your attention on the coin at the bottom of the container and repeat the following incantation three times: 

“Fortune, luck, and abundance be thy name, come now and bless me with fortune.”

Step #6: Visualize and focus on the outcome you want to create for yourself in that situation. Focus as hard as possible until you feel as if this vision is already coming to fruition.

Step #7: Take a moment to thank the universe for its generosity in granting you this good fortune.