A Spell To Remove Bad Feelings

We all experience feelings that we would like to be rid. Feelings of regret, anger or disappointment, can impinge on our ability to enjoy our day to day life. The spell to remove bad feelings helps you to cast those bad feelings so that you can go back to enjoying your life.

What You Will Need For The Spell To Remove Bad Feelings

  • A blue or purple allow
  • Purple ribbon
  • A piece of paper
  • A red pen / crayon

How To Cast The Spell To Remove Bad Feelings

Step One: Write on a piece of paper using the red pen / crayon a short description of the bad feelings you are experiencing. As you do so picture what those bad feelings feel like.

Step Two: Roll the paper and then tie it to the purple ribbon.

Step Three: Repeat this process for an additional two days.

Step Three: Tie the purple ribbon to the blue or purple balloon.

Step Four: Go to an elevated position, like a hill or mountain, on a windy day.

Step Five: Hold the balloon high in the air. Then let it go allowing it to float away in the wind.

Step Six: As it does so picture in your mind the bad feelings disappearing from your heart.

Step Seven: Repeat the following:

“As the wind takes away thee
My bad feelings part from me”

Step Eight: Turn away from your balloon with you back to it.

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