Change Your Body Spell – A Spell To Transform A Part Of Your Body

Change Your Body Spell

Almost everyone has parts of their body that they are not happy with. A bulging stomach, a big bum or flabby arms. This spells intent is to help transform a specific part of your body. When the spell is cast depends on whether you want to increase or decrease that specific part of your body. For an increase you should perform the spell between the start of new moon and a full moon. For a decrease you want to perform the spell when the moon is waning. For example if wanted to decrease the weight around your waist then you would perform the spell when the moon is waning. If you wanted to increase the muscles on your arms then you would perform the spell when it is moving to a full moon.

What You Will Need For The Change Your Body Spell

  • Purple ribbon
  • Quartz stone
  • Piece of parchment
  • Quill
  • Small paintbrush
  • Red paint

How To Perform The Change Your Body Spell

Step 1: Wait for the correct phase of the moon. Using the quill draw a picture of a human body outlined on the parchment. At the top of the parchment write your name.

Step 2: Take the paintbrush and dip it into the red paint. Then circle the part of your body on the parchment that you want to change i.e. your arms or stomach.

Step 3: Wrap the parchment around the quartz stone.

Step 4: Tie the parchment to the quartz stone with the purple ribbon.

Step 5: In your mind’s eye visualise carefully for 3 full minutes that part of your body changing.

Step 6: Place the quartz stone inside on window sill where it can see the beams of the moon.

Step 7: Repeat the following incantation: “As the moon changes So to does my body transform Soon I will see before me The new shape and form”

Step 8: Each day for a full cycle of the moon stop before your parchment and quartz stone and visualise carefully your new body. Repeat the incantation each time.

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