A Spell To Get Your Ex Back

A Spell To Get Your Ex Back

The path of true love rarely runs smooth. Even if you have found “the one” you will invariably experience problems. If your relationship is need of mending or you want to get back a lost love then this is the spell for you.

What You Will Need For The Spell To Get Your Ex Back

  • 3 Red Candles (If red candles are unavailable then white candles are acceptable, although they will be slightly less powerful)
  • Virgin olive oil
  • Lavender oil
  • A sharp knife
  • Red Yarn or string

How To Case The Spell To Get Your Ex Back

Step One: First scribe the initials of your of each of the three candles. As you are doing this make a mental image of your lost love in your mind’s eye.

Step Two: Use the virgin olive oil and the lavender oil to anoint each of the candles in turn. Once they have been anointed place each into a candle holder.

Step Three: Tie the candles together with the red yarn or string so that they are now each connected and share each other’s power.

Step Four: Light the candles one at a time. Each time you light a candle say the following:

“Like this candles light
So too does my love still burn
Make what is broken right
And to me my love do return”

Step Five: Once the candles reach a third of the way snuff them out.

Step Six: The next night repeat the lighting process and the incantation. Then snuff the candles out when they are a third of the way from the bottom.

Step Seven: Repeat this for one final night.

By using the power of three you will have cast a powerful spell to mend your broken love and bring your ex back to you.

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