Black magic love spell that works fast

Looking for a black magic love spell that works fast? This spell is for you. A black magic love spell is only for those who are truly committed to their aims. When casting a love spell – and especially a black magic love spell – you need to be very careful about what you wish for. Remember the rule of three. Whatever energy you put out into the universe will come back to you three-fold.

How could this cause problems with a love spell? You may want someone like you. You may even want that person to love you. But what if they were to become infatuated with you to the point of obsession? Even if you decided later that you want to break off the relationship, you would need to deal with the consequences of your spell casting.

With that in mind and if you are sure you are comfortable embracing the power of black magic, proceed with the black magic spell…

What is black magic?

Black magic is the use of magic for purposes which are essentially selfish in nature. Black magic is also often referred to as the left-hand path. It is differentiated from white magic, aka the right-hand path, which is more altruistic in nature. You need to be careful when applying black magic because of the potential for your spell casting to backfire. That said, the power of black magic is undeniable and so if there is something that you truly crave then the left hand path might be for you.

What you will need for the black magic love spell

  • An altar
  • Two red candles
  • Jasmine essential oil
  • A knife
  • Candle snuffer

How to cast the black magic love spell 

Step #1: Casting the circle

Before working with black magic it is essential to ensure that you are protected from any negative energy. This means that the first step should be to cast a circle. The circle will also function to magnify your own personal energy. This will give your love spell even greater power.

To cast the circle you will first need to identify the four cardinal directions – North, East, South, West. Most smartphones will have a compass function that you can use to identify these. Once you have marked the cardinal directions you will place a representation of the elemental power for each of these. These are:

North – Earth

East –  Air

South – Fire

West – Water

You can use different markers but as a guide the following will work well.

Earth – Rock

Air – Incense

Fire – Candle

Water – Cup holding water

Now start by pointing to the East and visualise in your mind’s eye the power of air. Feel the wind blowing through your hair and state the following:

“Spirit of air, I call upon thee”

Now turn and point to the South and see in your mind’s eye a raging fire. Really feel the full heat of the flames. State the following:

“Spirit of fire, I call upon thee”

Turn to the West and point. Visualise the power of the ocean. Hear the crashing waves and picture the vast waters before you. Then state the following:

“Spirit of water. I call upon thee”

Lastly, turn to the North and point. Feel the energy of the earth. From your feet experience the sense of being grounded deep into the earth. The say:

“Spirit of earth. I call upon thee”

You have now cast a protective circle around you. Sit and mediate for a moment in stillness before beginning the spell.

Step #2: Inscribe the names

Take your knife and carefully on one of the candles you will inscribe your name. On the other candle you will inscribe the name of the person that you want to love you. Once you have done this take a moment to picture the person falling in love with you. See their face clearly in your mind’s eye.

Step #3 Dress the candles

Now take the jasmine essential oil and dress each of the candles. This involves rubbing the essential oil first onto the palms of your hands. Then take your hands and rub up the candle from the bottom to the middle of the candle. Then rub from the top of the candle to the middle of the candle. Repeat this process for the other candle. 

Step #4: Place the candles on the altar

Place the candles on the altar and light each one in turn. 

Step #5: State the incantation

Kneel or sit before the candles and state the following incantation.

“As the flame burns

So does my loves heart turn

Besotted they will become

Under my charms they succumb”

Step #6: Focus on your future together

Now staring into the center of the flames. Inside of the flame itself see the two of you together. Intertwined and in love. Continue to visualise your future together for as long as is comfortable. When ready extinguish the candles with your snuffer. Do not blow the candles out.

Step #7: Close the circle

The final step is to close the circle. In a counter-clockwise direction beginning with north point to each direction in turn and state the following.

“Earth, I thank you. You are free”

And so on until you have thanked each of the four directions. Take the stubs from the candle and place them somewhere that they won’t be discovered or disturbed. The spell is now cast.