A Spell To Make Someone Think About You

Do you have a secret crush? Wouldn’t it be great if you could have that person think about you in the same way you are thinking about them. Well that’s exactly what the following spell can do for you. This spell literally makes thoughts about you “grow” in the other persons mind. This spell can be used both for people who you are not yet in a relationship with or someone who you are already dating but doesn’t seem quite as interested yet.

Before you use this spell make sure that you really want the person to spend time thinking about you. There is the old saying of “be careful what you wish for because you just might get it”. These are words to carefully consider when you are casting love spells. It is after all easier to get someone to think about you, than to get them to stop thinking about you once the spell is cast. You have been warned – act wisely!

What You Will Need For The Spell To Make Someone Think About You

    • A pot of soil to grow seeds in
    • One penny (or other copper coin)
    • A packet of seeds

How to cast the spell to make someone think about you

Step 1: Wait for a night when the moon is full. On this night take your pot of soil and your penny and place them so that they are both in direct sight of the moon.Love Spell Moon

Step 2: Bury your coin deep within the soil.

Step 3: Bury the seeds above the coin but arrange them in such a way as that they spell out the initials of the person that you want to have think about you.

As you do this cast the following incantation over the seeds:

“By the Goddess Venus and the light of the moon,
In my loves mind have thoughts of me bloom.”

Step 4: Place the pot in a place where it will be direct connection of the moon. For example, sitting on a window sill.

Step 5: Make sure to nurture the seeds by feeding them water and allowing them direct sunlight. As you nurture the seeds so to will you nurture the thoughts of you in the mind if the person that you secretly adore.

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