How to forget a lover spell

Breakups and divorces can be one of the most difficult things to go through. You may find yourself feeling regretful, sad, and heartbroken. Don’t worry there are spells that you can cast to help you deal with these emotions! 

One is a forget lover spell that will erase all of your memories associated with your ex-husband from your mind. This will help you get over them in the easiest way possible. 

While this spell is most commonly used for forgetting a husband after divorce, it can be used for other types of relationship breakups as well.

What you will need for the forget a lover spell

  • A glass of water
  • Paper towel

How to cast a forget your lover spell

Step 1. Pour a glass of water, and say the following chant three times:Knead dough, knead dough, knead dough. With this water I wash away my husband’s name!

Step 2. Flatten out a paper towel and fold it in half three times (to represent the past, present and future).

Step 3. Crumple the paper and put it into the glass of water.

Step 4. Place fingertips on top of the paper towel and push down very slowly but firmly, releasing the mental energy that is in the paper towel.

Step 5. Open up your hands and release the paper towel while saying: “I release you to go back to where you belong.”

Step 6 . Take a deep breath, and as you exhale, say the following chant three times:My husband’s name is not on my lips!It’s not in my mind!I shall never mention it again.

Step 7. Sip the water into your mouth, being careful not to swallow the paper, and then release the water from your mouth into a sink, saying: “With this water I shall wash away my husband’s name!”

Step 8. Complete the spell by taking a deep breath then stating “I release you”, repeat this process two more times.