A Candle Spell To Supercharge Your Ambition

In life we all have goals that we want to achieve or things that we want to acquire. However, achieving those goals can seem daunting. Obstacles may lay before us which seem insurmountable. This powerful, but simple to cast, candle spell can imbue you with the ambition to meet those obstacles and overcome them.

With this spell you will be tapping into a deeper power than what you may currently feels lies within you. This spell is best performed at night during a full moon. The spell can be cast inside but make sure that both yourself and the candle are in direct line of sight with the moon.

What you will need for the candle ambition spell

  • A purple candle
  • Spell altar or small table

How to cast the ambition candle spell

Place the lit candle on altar or table in front of you. Kneel before the candle and stare into the flames. As you are staring into the flames imagine that the Goddess stands over the flames. See all of your goals, dreams and ambitions as being ignited by the flames of the candles. Then see those flames pulling up and into the hands of the Goddess.

Then repeat the following words:

“Oh Goddess who watches over me;
Take my dreams and make them be.”

Then see that same energy come back from the Goddess and flowing back down into the flames of the candle and back into you. Feel the strength of the energy from the Goddess transmuted through the power of the candle.

Now repeat the following words:

“Goddess I give blessings and thanks to thee,
For the gift of ambition that you grant me”.

Continue to stare into the flames and really feel the connection between the energy of the flames and the power of the goddess. Allow the fire of the candle to naturally extinguish itself and enjoy the feeling of being newly empowered with the energy of your Goddess.

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