Marriage spell to attract a proposal

When it comes to matters of the heart there are two types of spells you cast. The first are spells that inspire desire. The second is spells that build commitment. For a marriage spell you want to focus on the second of these. Here is a powerful love spell to inspire your beloved to utter the four magic words. 

What you will need for the marriage spell

* Silver cup

* Water or wine

* Matches

* Needle

* 3 Red candles

* Clay bowl

How to cast the marriage spell

Step #1 Inscribe the candle

Inscribe into each of the three candles the initials of the person who you want to propose to you. Then arrange the three candles in a triangle.

Step #2 Full the cup

Fill the silver cup with either water or wine. Then light each of the candles in a clockwise direction starting with the candle which is the furthest from you.

Step #3 Visualize the proposal

Create in your mind a visual picture of the person who you want to propose to you. Then state the following. 

“Hera goddess listen to my plea

Full my beloveds heart with love

And make them our future see

Together we shall be joined

So mote it be”

Step #4 Drink the wine

Pour the wax from the candle into the clay bowl. Then take a sip from the glass. Repeat this process until the bowl is filled with the wax.

Step #5 Inscribe the initials

Inscribe both your initials and your beloved in the wax at the top of the bowl. The spell has now been cast. Make sure to store the bowl in a place where it will remain hidden and undisturbed.