Love spell using a single strand of hair

With just a single strand of your hair you will enchant your beloved. Unlike a number of other spells that use hair, this spell will make use of your own hair , rather than that of the object of your affection. As such it is a spell that doesn’t require any subterfuge.

Hair is intimately connected to love and attraction. In many Jewish and Islamic cultures a woman’s hair will be covered because it is considered eriotic. Even in those cultures where the hair is not concealed, it is still connected with the ideals of fashion and beauty. 

Hair’s ability to attract the opposite sex is in fact as old as humankind iteslf. This spell takes the power of your own hair to entice. It is a white magic spell that opens your beloved eye’s to your own charms.

Ingredients for this love spell

* ylang ylang essential oil

* a strand of your hair

* olive oil

* one egg

* a bowl

* wooden spoon

How to cast the love spell

Step #1: Mix the ingredients

Pour two teaspoons of the Ylang ylang essential oil into the bowl. Add in half a cup of olive oil and then crack the egg into the mixture. Finally place your strand of hair.

Step #2: Visualise your beloved

Now picture in the liquid in the bowl the face of your target of your affection. Try to make this picture as clear as possible. See their face looking back at you with an expression of adoration. 

Step #3: Mix the ingredients

The final step of the spell involves slowly stirring the mixture with the wooden spoon while repeating the following incantation.

Aphrodite hear me now

Make me stir thee’s heart

With hair beyond compare

So mote it be

The spell has now been cast.