Black magic revenge spell

Are you looking for revenge against someone who has done you ill? This black magic revenge spell can be your path to justice. Black magic needs to be handled with extreme care. Remember the rule of three means that any spell you cast, can come back to you threefold. This is not a spell to cast unless you are truly committed to your revenge. With those words of warning here is how to cast the black magic revenge spell.

What you will need for the revenge spell

  • Black ribbon
  • A pin
  • One black candle
  • An image of the person you seek revenge on

How to cast the revenge spell

Step #1: Lighting the candle

Use your pin to inscribe the initials of the person you want to take revenge on in the candle. Place the candle on your altar or directly in front of you and light the candle. In a kneeling position hold in front of you the image of the person you want revenge on. This can be a photo or an illustration. 

Step #2: Focus your revenge

Now while staring intently at the image of the person, visualise the misfortune that you hope will befall them. 

Step #3: Bind the image

Roll the image into a cylinder. Once you have done this bind with the black ribbon and tie a knot. Slowly move the cylinder from right to left over the smoke from the flame of the candle. As you do this repeat the following:

“I bind thee with misfortune

Darkness will follow your steps

So mote it be”

Step #4: Pour the wax

Pour the wax from the candle onto the binded ribbon. This will seal the curse upon them. 

The revenge spell is now cast. Place the binded image in a dark place where it won’t be disturbed.