Good Luck Stone Spell To Get More Money

Possessing a good luck stone can be highly useful, bringing to the possessor good fortune whether for love, career, health or yes, even fortune. Here is how to create your own good luck stone.

What you will need for the good luck spell to get more money

* A small stoneGreen Candle Get More Money Spell
* A green candle (a different color should be used if your desire is not for wealth)
* Green yarn (again should match the color of the candle)
* Olive oil
* Table salt
* A green / gold cloth
* Salt water

How to perform the good luck spell to get more money

Step 1: First light the candle and then run the stone through the flame three times in succession. As you do this envision the stone being imbued with good fortune and wealth.

Step 2: Place the small stone inside of the bowl of water and cup your hands over it. Again focus your mind on good fortune and see this becoming part of the stone.

Step 3: Put the small stone into a dry bowl so that is able to dry off slightly. Then take it out and place olive oil over. Place it back into the bowl and then sprinkle the table sale over it.

Step 4: Take the small stone and then place it inside of the cloth. Tie the cloth and then use the green yarn to tie up the parcel. Leave the wrapped cloth and the candle next to each other. Allowing the candle to die out by itself.

Step 5: You should leave the wrapped stone in its parcel for twenty hours, before unwrapping it. The stone can then be a source of power and focus to bring good fortune into your life.

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