A Spell To Remove Debts

There are times in almost everybody’s life where you are faced with financial obligations which you are unsure how you are going to pay. Being in debate can be extremely stressful and help to rob you of your enjoyment of your life. This following spell will help you to rid you of your debts. This is spell which asks the spirits of the East for justice. It will only work in situations where there are reasons why the debt places you out of spiritual balance. For example, the debt was incurred unfairly or you really cannot meet it for reasons beyond your control.

What you will need for the Spell To Get Rid of Debts

* A purple candlehow to get rid of debt spell candle holder
* A piece of paper
* An ink pen
* Oil
* A candle holder
* A ritual knife
* A plate or tray

How to Cast the Spell To Get Rid of Debts

Step #1: Take the candle and place it inside of the candle holder. Make sure that the candle is firmly in place.

Step #2: Write out the complete list of your debts on the piece of paper using your ink pen.

Step #3: On the back of the piece of paper draw a pentagram. The pentagram are used to banish your debts from your life.

Step #4: Take the oil and anoint the candle.

Step #5: Inscribe a second pentagram on the candle.

Step #6: Roll the piece of paper and then slowly burn it in the flame of the candle. Be very careful as you do this not to burn yourself. Have the plate or tray nearby so that you can drop the paper into it once it caught alight.

Step #7: As the paper burns clearly see in your mind that all of your debts have been forgiven.

Step #8: Now take the candle and face towards the East. As you are doing this repeat the following incantation:

“Spirits of the east,
Just as these words turn to dust,
Take my debts,
And make them just.”

Step #9: Give thanks to the spirits of the East for their help.

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