A Fast Money Spell To Pay Your Bills

Have outstanding bills that you don’t know how you will pay? This spell offers a way to solve this and your other financial problems.

What you will need for the fast money spell

  • The bill you need to pay
  • A green candle (that will burn for at least 7 days)
  • Cinnamon oil
  • A green candle

How to perform the fast money spell

First you will need to either obtain the bill that you want to pay. If you do not have this bill as a single piece of paper you can write your financial obligation down on a piece of paper. Write down how much you owe, when the bill needs to payed and who you owe the money to. Sign the bill so that you show that it is a real obligation.

Next you need to anoint the green candle with the cinnamon oil so that it is ready for the spell.

Once you have anointed the candle take the bill for the money that you owe and place it under the lit candle. The candle should not be burning the bill. As you do this you need to repeat the following incantation.

“The power of this candle’s light
Will show me the path to make this debt right”

After you repeated this incantation visualize in your mind that the financial obligation is being paid. See yourself handing over the money, making the transfer online or signing the check.

Repeat this same ritual for the next seven days. On the seventh day you should burn the bill with the candle.

Visualize with certainty the bill is going to be paid.

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