A black magic money spell

This black magic money spell can be cast when you have bills to pay or want to purchase something that is out of your financial reach. This black magic spell is simple to cast but can deliver powerful money making results. 

Keep in mind that black magic is not to be treated lightly. We need to be careful when casting spells for personal gain and avarice. The energy that we put out into the universe will be returned to us thrice. If you are ready to take that chance, here is the black magic spell to bring money into your life. 

What you will need for the black money spell

  • 9 coins 
  • A bowl 
  • Honey
  • Sugar 
  • Water
  • Glass

When to cast the black magic money spell

This spell should be cast during the full moon. It is important that you have direct line of sight with the moon when you cast the spell. We will be making an offering to the moon when casting this spell. Cast this spell at night either outdoors or with the curtains of your windows drawn back. 

How to cast the black magic money spell

Step #1: Open the circle

Before you begin this black magic money spell it is important to cast a protective circle. This will protect you from negative energy during spell casting. We’ll use a simple method, yet effective, method of opening the magickal circle.

Point the palm of your hand downwards to the floor. Now visualise a solid beam of blue energy projecting from your palm to your feet. As the blue energy reaches your feet see it pool in a small circle.

Next visualise the blue energy slowly expanding. Allowing the circle of blue energy to expand until it has reached an area that you are comfortable working with. Now state the following:

“Between worlds are we,

Ready for magic I be” 

Step #2: Place the coins

Now the circle is in place, add the coins in the bowl. Then place a smear of honey on top of the coins.

Step #3: Mix and pour the liquid mixture

Mix the sugar and the water in the glass. Pour the sugar and water upon the coins. 

Step #4: State the incantation

As you are pouring the liquid onto the coins say the following incantation three times:

“Three by three 

Money shall come to me”

Step #5: Visualise your future wealth

Take a moment to clearly visualise in your mind’s eye the wealth that will soon be yours. Ise whatever mental images make this most clear to you. That could be money in your bank account or the things that you will buy with your new abundance. 

Step #6: Close the circle

The final step is to close the magickal circle. We will repeat the process that we used at the start of the spell to open the circle but in reverse. Visualise the circle of pure blue energy contracting in size until it is a pool at your feet. Then picture the blue energy coming back up from the ground into the palm of your hand. 

The circle is now closed and you have cast the black magic money spell.