Life changing spell to transform your future

In everyone’s life there comes a time when you want to make a fundamental change. This is the spell to cast when you want to change  the direction of your life. Whether it’s improving your finances, changing your body shape, embarking on a new career or all of these, casting this spell can bring on those changes. 

When to cast your life changing spell

The timing for this spell is very important. You want to cast this spell during the new moon phase of the lunar cycle. The new moon is aligned with new beginnings. The energy from the new moon will also allow you to let go of the baggage from your past.

What you will need for the life changing spell

  • Candle
  • Candle snuffer
  • Paper
  • Ribbon

This spell to change your life will employ candle magic. The candle (and ribbon) you select will vary depending on the type of change you want to make. Here are some of the most common changes people are likely to want to make in their life and the associated color with each.

Orange – Orange is suitable for overcoming creative challenges. Perhaps you would like to take on a new life as an artist or writer. This is the candle that will help energise you towards that change.

Red – If you are looking for love or greater passion in your life, then red is the color to use. Red can be used whether you are single and looking for love, or want to reignite an existing relationship.

Green – If you are looking to change the financial circumstances in your life then a green candle and ribbon it the correct one to choose. This is suitable for a more lucrative career, a new business or even a financial windfall.

How to cast the life changing spell

Step #1: Purify

Before you can embark on changing your life, you need to purify and let go of the past. This can be pleasantly achieved by bathing. Prepare yourself a warm bath and fill with sea salts. Light white candles around the bath. White candles promote serenity, peace and sense of personal strength. It is exactly what you will need as you embark on this next chapter of your life. The purpose of your bath is not to visualise your new future, it is to relax and calm your mind in preparation for the rest of the spell. 

Step #2: Write your intention

Place your candle on a table or altar before you. Take the piece of paper and write down what the new life you want to have looks like. Describe this in the present tense, so it is as if what you want to have happened has already occurred. Once you have written this, take the time to read over it several times and then mentally picture in your mind what this new life would be like. Feel the positive emotion that this new life will bring. 

Step #3: Fold the paper

Fold the paper once in half. When you fold the paper, the fold should be towards yourself. This is so you are directing all of the energy back toward you. Now place the folded paper underneath the candle.

Step #4: Inscribe the candle

On the candle inscribe using a knife a symbol of the future life that you want to have. Anything that is meaningful to you will work. It is your perception of the symbol that will give it energy. 

Step #5: Light the candle

Now light the candle. As you look into the flame you need to state the following incantation three times.

“As a light this flame

I make my claim

In the future to come

A new person I become”

Step #6: Let the candle burn out

It is important to stay in the room while the candle burns so that you absorb the energy from the spell. If you need to leave the room while the candle burns you can use the snuffer to extinguish the flame. Simply relight the candle when you return.

Step #7: Safeguard your future

The final step is to bind and safeguard your future. You do this by removing the folded paper from under the candle. Roll this into a cylinder. Now take the ribbon and tightly bind the paper cylinder.

Finally take the paper cylinder and store it somewhere that it won’t be found or disturbed. The spell is now cast and your new future awaits you.