How to cast an attraction spell that works

Attractions spells can be used to bring towards us that which we most desire. An attraction spell can be used to attract love into your life. But, it can also be used for anything else we would like to attract. This attraction spell is easy to cast but it does require a little patience. It will be cast over the entire period of a lunar cycle. 

What you will need for this attraction spell

  • Two candles
  • Snuffer
  • Knife

When to cast this attraction spell

The time that you cast the spell will vary slightly depending on what you want to attract. If you have never had the thing that you want to attract – such as a new love – then you will want to cast the spell during the new moon. If you have had what you want, but you want to either regain or gain more of it, then you will cast the spell during the weeks of the waxing moon.

What do you want to attract into your life?

Attraction spells are commonly associated with love, but this is certainly not the only attraction spell that you can cast. You may want to attract wealth, vitality or more stability into your life. The exact outcome that you desire will determine which pair of candles that you need to use for this attraction spell. Some common attraction spells include using:

  • Green candles: abundance, good fortune and marriage
  • Red candles: power, love and sex
  • Brown candles: wealth and stability
  • Orange candles: success and courage
  • Silver candles: healing

Now that you have identified which candle you want to use for your spell you will be able to move onto casting the spell. 

When to cast the attraction spell

This spell should be cast at the start of a new moon. As you will see the candle will be performed each day for the entire cycle of the moon. The new moon is the start of new beginnings. We will imbue our spell with the full power of the moon.

How to cast the attraction spell

Step #1: Placement of the candles

The candles should be placed on an altar or wooden table. The candles will be moved gradually closer towards each over the cycle of the moon. This means that you should keep the candles fairly far apart on the first day. As you move the candles you will want to do so in relatively small increments. 

Step #2: Inscribe the candles 

You will now describe each of the candles with a symbol or letters which indicate what you want. For example, if this is a love attraction spell, then you would inscribe on one candle your initials and on the other candle that of the object of your attraction. 

Step #3: Light the candles

Light the candles. As you light each candle state the following incantation:

“As these candles draw near,

I attract what is most dear” 

Now take a moment to see in your mind’s eye the state that you want to attract. To use our love example, you might see you and the person you want to be with, enjoying a wonderful date.

Step #4: Snuff the candle

Now snuff the light from the candles. It is important to use a candle snuffer for this and not to blow the candles out.

Step #5: Repeat the next day

You will now repeat this process the following day. Each day you will move the candles closer to one another. By the end of the lunar cycle the two candles should be touching. You will now have cast the spell of attraction.