How to cast a wind spell

A wind spell is an easy and simple way to change your life. It is a form of magic that is not difficult to cast. The only thing you need to do is to go outside, and then, take a deep breath of fresh air and focus on your ultimate desire.

Before you begin the wind spell make sure you are very clear about what you want it is that you desire above all else. You should be able to form a clear, mental image of what this outcome or object would look like.

The power of wind for spell casting

Wind was one of the most important gods in many ancient cultures. In Greek mythology, it was associated with the wind god Boreas and was often seen as a messenger from heaven. Boreas is said to have been sent by Zeus to punish those who worship fire gods. Wind can be harnessed into spells by using it as an energy source to bring change.

You can use the following steps in order to cast the wind spell: 

Step 1: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart

Step 2: Take a deep breath of fresh air and exhale it slowly 

Step 3: Raise your arms up as high as you can reach them 

Step 4: Point your fingers toward the sky and open your palms up toward the sky 

Step 5: Close your eyes and think about the fresh air you want to bring down from above.

Step 6: Imagine a gust of wind coming down from the sky and spinning around in a circle between your fingers

Step 7: When you feel confident enough, visualize shooting the winds toward your target. Imagine the wind spiraling out of your palms and flying through the air.

Step 8: Now repeat the following incantation:

 “I call upon thee, oh spirits of the air! I call upon thee, oh spirits of the air! I call upon thee, oh spirits of the air! I call upon thee, oh spirits of the air!”

Step 8: Open your eyes and continue to think about object of your desire.

The wind spell is now cast.