A Spell For New Job Success

A Spell For New Job Success

Any new beginning such as a new job is a mixture of excitement and nervous energy. In order to achieve success with a new job we cast a spell for Janus to watch over us. In ancient Roman times Janus was known as the two headed god. Take a look at the statue of Janus Bifrons, found in the Vatican Museum, to get a vivid depiction of how the god Janus was represent.

Janus was two headed because he looked to both the past and future. Janus was worshipped at times of change and transition such as the beginning of harvest, when young people moved into adulthood or when someone embarked on a long journey.

The ancient people knew the power of Janus, and like them, you too can enjoy his protection as you embark on your new career journey. This spell should be cast three days prior to starting your new job.

What You Will Need For A Spell For New Job Success

A piece of amber – The Greek name for amber was “electron” from which the word electricity is derived. The Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Muslim cultures all understood the power of amber to bring energy and good fortune into one’s life.

How To Cast The Spell For New Job Success

Step 1: Take the amber and rub it in your hand. As you do feel the energy of the amber. While you are doing this visualise yourself as confident in your new job. See yourself interacting comfortably and successfully with your new colleagues.

Step 2: Now repeat the following:

“Janus, two headed god I ask thee
To bless this new journey
Bring me success and pride
In these tasks I do preside”

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