A Spell For Exam Success

A Spell For Exam Success

Mental sharpness combined with knowledge is essential for success in an exam. This spell aims to imbue you with that knowledge and sharpen your mind to a razor edge! This spell is relatively simple to cast but does require that you have access to a open and elevated location like a hill in a park.

What You Will Need For The Spell For Exam Success

  • A blue candle for mental power
  • A scrap of paper from a great work of literature, encyclopedia, or dictionary

How To Perform The Spell For Exam Success

Step 1 – Take the items that you need to cast the spell to an elevated outdoor location such as a hill or a mountain. If you can perform this spell on a windy day that will be even more ideal.

Step 3 – Light the candle and repeat the following three times:

“As this candle burns
Great knowledge I do learn”

Step 2 – Take the scrap of paper with the written words of knowledge and burn the corner of it with the candle.Be careful not to burn yourself in this process.

Step 3 – As the paper is turning to ash let the paper float into the wind. Then repeat the following:

“As knowledge scatters to the wind
My powers of mind do begin
Gods of north, south, east and west
Be with me as I complete my test”

Step 4 – Take a kneeling position before the candle and wait until it burns out. As it does relax your mind and visualize your success with the exam and your feeling of relaxation as you sit in the examination room.

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