Spell To Get Over Someone

When we end a relationship we are often left with a lot of emotional baggage. This is true whether you call a stop to the relationship or if they leave you. In order to find someone new that we can truly love we need to cleanse our soul and our heart of this emotional baggage. The power of the following spell is that it can help rid you of the old feelings that you feel for your ex and ready yourself for the chance to find new love, or just to find yourself.

What You Will Need For The Spell To Get Over Someone

For this spell you are going to need a photo which features both you and your ex. You are also going to need a consecrated knife in order to perform this ritual.

How To Cast The Spell To Get Over Someone

The ideal time to cast this spell is on a cloudy night when the moon is obscured. First take the photo of you and your ex. Then using your sacred knife cut out the picture of your lover and cut them from the picture.

Take the cut out of your lover and cast them into the flames of a fire. As you are doing this you should look into the flames of the fire. In the flames of the fire see a mental image of your future. See yourself happy, satisfied and completely free of your ex. They should be nowhere in this visual image of your future.

Allow the fire to naturally die down. Then take the ashes from the fire and bury them outside.

As you do this repeat the following incantation:

“As I bury these ashes,
So to are my feelings covered,
So that now in the future,
I no longer think of my past lover.”

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