Return to sender spell

Return to sender spells are used when you are being targeted by magikal forces. These spells allow you to use the powers of karmic justice to block and then send back the negative energy that has been cast your way. 

The power of return to sender spells, is that the same amount of force that your adversary sends your way, will be returned in kind to them. The more ill will that they wish upon you, the more misfortune that they themselves will suffer. It is in a way of rebalancing the universe and allowing for a divine form of justice.

Do you need a return to sender spell?

Before you cast a return to sender spell you should establish whether you are in fact under magickal attack. It is worthwhile keeping in mind that you may simply be experiencing a run of bad luck. The skill and knowledge to perform a magikal attack are relatively rare. That said if you have had a series of misfortunes, that doesn’t seem to be more than random chance. Ask yourself the following:

  • Are there any other reasonable explanations for the misfortune you have suffered?
  • Have you angered anyone recently?
  • Has the person you angered have any magical knowledge or association with someone else who has this knowledge?

Keep in mind that even if you answer yes to all three of the above it doesn’t “necessarily” mean you are under magic attack. 

What you will need for the return to sender spell

  • A black candle
  • Altar
  • A small handheld mirror

Casting the return to sender spell

Step #1: Preparing the mirror

The first step of this spell is to prepare the mirror. To do this you will use a process called smudging. This will clear the mirror of any potential negative energy which may weaken our return to sender spell.

For the smudging, you will need a basin, water, salt, white clot, and dried white sage. Start by preparing the water in the basin for the mirror. This involves a mixture of one part cup of water to one tablespoon of salt. Wash the mirror in the mixture. Then take the white cloth and cleanse and dry the mirror.

Next place the mirror in direct sunlight for a period of one hour. Finally, you want to light the dried white sage and move the mirror gently through the smoke. Once you have finished this smudging process your mirror will be ready for the next stage of the spell.

#2 Placing the mirror 

Next place the mirror in the window of your bedroom. The mirror should be facing outwards so that the backside of the mirror is towards the interior of the room. Place your altar and black candle close to the center of your bedroom.

Next, you need to cast a circle to protect yourself during the spell casting process. Now point towards each of the four walls of the room, rotating in a clockwise direction. When you point at a wall say the following: “I cast this circle to protect myself, keep out negativity let in love”.

Now that the circle has been cast you are ready to start with the next step. Kneel before your altar and light the black candle. Looking into the flames of the burning candle and stating the following incantation.

Negative energy sent my way,

The mirror reflects, the sender repays”

Say this twice more. Then with your mind’s eye see the energy from the black candle transmuting into the mirror.

#3 Opening the circle

The spell has now been cast. Stand up and open the protective circle by pointing at each of the four corners of the wall again. Each time you point at a wall state “The circle is now open”. When you have finished this process, allow the candle to burn down to the stub naturally. Take the stub and bury it outside.

You will now be protected from the negative energy being sent at you, as long as the mirror is in the window.