How to cast a memory spell

A memory spell is a spell that can be used to restore someone’s memories or to cause new memories. Memory spells are one of the most common forms of magic. Memory spells have been seen in many novels and movies, sometimes even mentioned by name such as “the Forget-me-not potion”.

What you will need for a memory spell:

  • A small bowl of water 
  • An empty bowl
  • A white candle 
  • A photo or memento from your past 
  • A photo or memento represnting your future 
  • Matches or a lighter 

How to cast the memory spell 

Step #1: Light the candle.

Step #2: Take pictures of your past and future photos, place them in the bowl of water, and let them soak for a few minutes.

Step #3: After your pictures have soaked for a few minutes, gently drop them into the bowl. Throw out any water that’s left in the bowl after you finished.

Step #4: Hold your photo or memento from your past in one hand while holding the photo or memento of your future in the other.

Step #5: Now state “I am turning to my past and future with love. I ask them to guide me on this journey. Their wisdom will relieve me and ease my pain. As I finally find peace within myself.” Repeat this two more times.

The spell is now cast.