Casting a Fairy Spell

Fairy spells are one of the most popular types of spells in the world today. They can be used for a number of purposes including love, luck, and wealth. This fairy spell can be adapted to whatever you want to achieve with it. While a fairy spell is a type of magic that is not as powerful as a wizard’s or witch’s spell, it can still produce some amazing results.

What are fairies? 

Fairies are beings from folklore that are said to represent female guardians of the earth, nature, and light. They are generally seen as benevolent beings who help people in need.

What you need for a fairy spell to work

  • A dark candle
  • A clear quartz point (a small crystal)  
  • Something to wish for

How to cast the fairy spell

Step 1: Light the candle, then chant “With this flame, I light this wish and it shall come true.” Repeat three times. Do not blow out the candle! You will blow out the spell.

Step 2: Now repeat “I wish for a change in my life.” At the same time visualising the object or outcome you wish to have.

Step 3: Now chant “A new beginning, a fresh start.” 

Step 4: Hold the quartz in your hand, with the palm facing downward. Slowly move the hand holding the crystal through the smoke from the candle, keeping it a safe distance above the flame and say, “I pray to the fairy kingdom and all that is above, below and within me. I ask for guidance to lead me where I should go.”

Step 5: Again visualise clearly in your mind the object or thing that you desire.

Allow the candle to naturally extinguish and the spell is cast.