A spell to end bad luck

We all know that trouble comes in three, but is there anything you can do to avert a streak of bad luck? Thankfully the answer is yes. This spell will help to end a run of ill fortune.

What you will need for the spell to end bad luck

  • 7 twigs
  • Fireplace
  • A white candle
  • Candle snuffer

How to cast the spell to end bad luck

This spell will be cast over a period of seven days. Begin the spell on Monday and end the spell on Sunday. It is best to cast the spell at the same time each day.

Step #1: Light the candle

Light the candle to start the spell.

Step #2: Cleanse the twig

Take one of the twigs and slowly pass it just above the flame of the candle. Do not allow the flame to touch the twig.

Step #3: Break the twig

Break the twig and state the following:

“As this twig breaks in half
So bad fortune ends its path”

Repeat the above three steps each day for one full week to end your run of bad luck.