Voodoo love spell that works fast

Looking for a Voodoo love spell that will work fast? Look no further. Here is a love spell that incorporates multiple aspects of Voodoo ritual to cause someone to become besotted with you. Be cautious where you direct this spell. Are you sure you want this person to become head over heels in love with you? This is not a spell for a casual fling, only for real love. 

What is Voodoo?

Voodoo aka Vodou, is a religious practice that originated in New Orleans and Haiti. It uses rituals including symbolic drawings and Voodoo dolls. These rituals are the result of the melding of African and Catholic beliefs. Voodoo was born during the African slave trade. These slaves took their native traditions from Africa to the new world. Slave owners in the new world would stop them from practicing these beliefs. In order to continue to practice, the slaves would equate African deities with Catholic saints. 

What you will need for the Voodoo love spell

* 2 dolls

* White or blue ribbon

* Black marker pen

How to cast the Voodoo Love Spell

Step #1: Preparing the dolls 

One of the common misconceptions about Voodoo dolls is that they are designed to harm individuals. Images of Voodoo practitioners sticking pins into their dolls representing their enemies are a common Hollywood trope. In fact, Voodoo dolls are used primarily to heal in Voodoo rituals. It is with this positive intent that we will be using Voodoo dolls in this love spell.

You will need two dolls for this love spell. One of the dolls will represent yourself, the other will be the object of your affection. Typically a Voodoo doll will be made from fabric and stuffed. These dolls can be crafted by you or purchased from a store. There, of course, doesn’t need to be any likeness with the doll and the people they represent.

Step #2 Tying the dolls

The next step is to tie the dolls together. If you do have something from the person that you desire that can bind the dolls then you can use this. For example, a band that they may have given you in the past. If you don’t have such an item, don’t worry! There is no need to try and collect such an item. Simply write down both your full names and your date of birth on a piece of ribbon. Then tie this ribbon around both of the dolls. 

Step #3: Falling into a trance

Voodoo understands the power of trance. You will harness this power for the love spell. In order to place yourself in trance do the following:

  1. Allow your body to relax. Start with your feet and focus your mind on them. Once your feet feel relaxed, move up to your legs. Feel your legs relax. Continue in this way until your entire body is relaxed.
  2. Now that you are fully relaxed focus your attention on a single object in your room. This could be a light, the corner of a painting, a mark on the wall. 
  3. As you look at this point of attention say to yourself the following:

My eyelids become heavier

My eyelids are heavyweights

Soon they become so heavy they will close”

Repeat this to yourself until you find your eyelids do in fact become heavy and close. Relax and allow this process to take place. 

  1. Once your eyelids close. Take a deep breath through your nose and then hold that breath for ten seconds. 
  2. Slowly exhale through your mouth with a gentle breath. As you are exhaling, feeling your body’s calming energy working its way down from the top of your head right through your body to your toes. Exhale again and say the word “peace” softly. Continue this process for several minutes.

You should be now in a sufficiently light trance to continue with the rest of the spell. 

Step #4: The Incantation

Holding in your hands the two dolls, repeat the following incantation three times:

“Love me now, love me true”

Step #5: Play acting

Now you want to use the dolls to out act your desired results. Essentially you are playing a romantic relationship. This does not need to be elaborate but should express affection, such as hugging and kissing. 

Step #7: Protect the dolls

Take the dolls and bury them in the ground outdoors. It is important these dolls are not reused as part of any other Voodoo ritual.