The Flower Of Love Spell: A Simple Love Spell

Want to see your love bloom? Then the flower of love spell is for you. Casting this powerful spell can help bring new love into your life. It is perfect whether you have someone already in mind that you would like to start a relationship wit or you are still looking for that special someone. This spell uses only a few different items and is relatively easy to cast making it beginner friendly.

What You Will Need For The Flower Of Love Spell

* A clean, white jar
* A red rose
* 3 mint leaves
* Spade

How To Cast The Flower Of Love Spell

Step One: Take the rose and place it within the clean white jar. It is important the jar is pure for casting this spell so make sure that it is completely clean.

Step Two: Take the mint leaves into the palm of your hand. Rub the leaves in your hands and as you do so visualise your positive intentions of love. This might seeing the face of the person of your affection or just feeling the warmth of being in love.

Step Three: Let the mind leaves fall into the jar with the rose. Tighten a lid over the jar. If you don’t have a lid for you jar you can also use white paper fixed in place with a rubber band.

Step Four: Take the jar outside to the foot of a tree.

Step Five: Dig a small hole and place the jar inside. The jar must be fully covered with dirt.

Step Six: Repeat the following:

“Aphrodite, goddess of love,
Take this gift I send to thee,
And it return I ask,
Bring my love to me”

Step Seven: Repeat this twice more so that you have said the incantation three times in total.

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