How to cast a love spell using hair

Hair magic is a powerful form of spell casting that can be used for all sorts of purposes. In particular, hair can be used to cast a love spell. This can be to attract someone new in your life or to enhance an existing relationship.

The role of hair in love and attraction.

Hair has a large role in attraction and love, it’s the most important feature for both genders. Hair is often touched as a sign of affection. In general, people are attracted to hair because it shows beauty and health.

What you will need for a love spell using hair

  • A small cutting of your own or your target’s hair
  • Salt
  • Red candle
  • An ashtray

How to Cast a Powerful Love Spell Using Hair 

Step 1: Take the small cutting of hair.

Step 2: Light the red candle.

Step 3: Using the flame of the red candle burn the hair in the ashtray.

Step 4: Add the salt to the burn hair in the ashtray.

Step 5: Mix the burnt hair and the salt while repeating the following incantation:

Love, love is all around you

Light up your heart, we can’t live without it

Tilt your head and take a look around

You’ll find everything you need to make it right

Step 6: Blow out the candle. Throw the ashes and salt in running water or bury them in a dark area 

The spell has now been cast.