How to Cast a Love Spell using Crystals

This spell will cause someone to fall in love with you by using the power of crystals. It involves placing the crystal on yourself or on an object that you want that person to touch often so they can get used to its vibration and eventually fall in love with you.

The use of crystals for a love spell is not a new idea. It has been used by many cultures around the world for centuries. Crystals have been used to help people find love and to heal their relationships with loved ones. The use of crystals can be traced back as early as the Sumerian civilization.

What you will need for this love spell

  • A crystal
  • A small pouch
  • String or ribbon
  • Spring water
  • A bowel
  • An altar

Best types of crystals for love spells

Crystals are one of the best types of stones for love spells and rituals. Some of the most popular crystals used in love spells include chrysoberyls, tiger’s eye, luna stone and moonstone.

Dangers when casting a love spell

Love spells are often cast to make someone fall in love with the caster. The danger of these spells is that they can backfire and cause the subject to fall in love with someone else.

The other danger of love spells is that they can be used for malicious intent and cause the subject to fall in love with an object instead of a human being.

The law of threefold return in spell casting

When casting a love spell we must always keep in mind the law of threefold return. This is a law that states that whatever we give to the universe, the universe will give back to us three times as much.

This law applies to every aspect of our lives, from our material wealth to our relationships, health and spirituality. The idea was developed by the ancient civilizations in Egypt and Greece. For love spells the law of threefold return is important because it can cause the subject of the spell to become madly in love with the caster. As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for!

How to cast a crystal love spell

Now that you are aware of the potential dangers and traps when casting a love spell, here are the steps to follow to cast a crystal love spell.

Step #1: Purify your mind for the love spell

Spells are not just words, they are also thoughts and emotions. Therefore, it is important to be in a good state of mind before casting spells. The caster should not be angry or upset because the anger or negativity will flow into the spell and make it less powerful.

The spell caster should also not be in a hurry to cast the spell because this will cause mistakes and confusion. It is always a good idea to take a few deep breaths before beginning any spell casting.

Step #2: Cleanse your space for spell casting

In order to cast spells, it is important to purify the space. The person who is casting the spell should be in a clean and tidy environment. This will help them focus on the spell without being distracted or disturbed by their surroundings.

It is also important to clear any clutter from your space so that you can make room for what you need for your spell casting.

Step #3: Purify the crystal

The final step in this purification process is to cleanse the crystal. In order to purify a crystal for a spell, you will need to use pure spring water. Fill up a bowl with the water and place the crystal in the center of it. Leave it there for an hour and then take it out.

Step #4: Setup a circle or altar for spell casting

A circle is a spiritual, ritual, or symbolic space that has been used in the belief in sacred geometry. This space can be round, square, or any other shape. It is often used to cast spells and rituals.

The altar is an object that holds something sacred to a person or people like an idol, statue of deity, or other religious symbol. It is often used as a focus for prayer and meditation.

Step #5: Visualize the person you love

Visualization is a technique used in magic to create a mental image. The spell caster visualizes themselves as having already obtained what they want and then take steps to make it come true.

There are many ways to visualize the person you love. You can either use their photo, or sketch them out on paper, or find an online photo of them and print it out to keep with you. Place the paper or photo on the altar and visualize the person in your mind’s eye and imagine they’re actually there with you.

Now hold the crystal in the palm of both of your hands. Feel the energy from your mind’s eye transfer into the crystal.

Step #6: Place the crystal in the pouch

The final step in the spell is to place the crystal in the pouch. The pouch should be placed close to your body near to your heart. This pouch could be worn as a necklace or placed in a pocket. Continue to wear the crystal for a full month to complete the casting of this love spell.