Bath of Romance: A Cleansing & Powerful Love Spell

The bath of romance uses the power of water to cleanse yourself so that you are ready to cast this powerful love spell. The spell begins through a purity ritual where we ready our mind, body and spirit. Once purified we cast the love spell using powerful intentions.

What You Will Need For The Bath Of Romance Spell

* A bath
* 1 White candles
* Incense
* 1 Red candle
* A white envelope
* Notepaper
* A red pen

How To Cast The Bath Of Romance Spell

Step 1: We begin our spell when the moon is at it’s fullest. Start by lighting the incense and the white candle and placing them close to your bath. If there is a window open this before entering the bath.

Step 2: Enter the bath.

Step 3: Relax and let your mind clear itself of any thoughts.

Step 4: When you feel fully relaxed and your mind is clear leave the bath. Ideally change into white clothes or robe when you leave the bath.

Step 5: Light the red candle. Ideally you should do this in front of a window in direct view of the moon.

Step 6: Write on the notepaper in the red pen the name of the person that you feel affection for.

Step 7: Place the notepaper in the envelope. Close the envelope.

Step 8: Drip the red candle wax to create a seal on the envelope. As you do so repeat the following incantation:

“As this candle wax does seal
Make our love real”

Repeat this a total of nine times.

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