Ancient Egyptian love spell

The Egyptain love spell depicted here is almost two millennia old. It was recently translated by Egyptologists at the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago. The spell was originally cast by a noble woman named Taromeway who was besotted with a gentleman by the name of Kephalas. 

The purpose of this spell is to bring forth a spirit who will haunt the object of the spell caster’s affection. Eventually the recipient will be overcome with lust for the spell caster and give into temptation.

While the success of this spell for Taromeway has been lost to time, you can try out its power for yourself.

What you will need for the Eyptian love spell

  • Paper
  • Ink pen

How to cast the Egyptian love spell

Step #1: Drawing 

Taromeway’s spell begins with a visual depiction of the god she wants to bring to her aide. Start the spell with a simple drawing on your paper. On the left side of the page draw Anubis, the Egyptain god of mummification. Anubis has the body of a man, but with the head of a jackal. He should be depicted holding a bow pointed towards the right. To the right of the page draw the object of your affection. This doesn’t need to be a realistic depiction but should include distinguishing features such as glasses or their haircut. 

Step #3: Write the spell

Next write the following on the same piece of paper:

Noble spirit of the man of the necropolis

Go every place to find my love

May he be overcome with compulsion for me

And haunted by thoughts midday, evening and night

Let him travel near and far to find me 

Anubis shoot your bow to him

And let him give his heart to me

Hurry, hurry now and hear my plea

Step #3: Read the spell

The final step is to read the spell aloud. Once read the spell will now be cast.